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Melbourne Wedding Photography

Ash Milne Photography offers Melbourne Brides and engaged couples an exceptional choice in Melbourne Wedding Photography.


Are you getting married in Melbourne? What will be the deciding factors in choosing your photographer for your Melbourne Wedding?


When selecting a photographer for your Melbourne Wedding you should selecting more than someone who will be snapping away at you for a few hours. Your photographer will potentially be with you, your family and friends longer than any other vendor. From preparations through ceremony, formals and creatives, reception celebrations and departure. Your photographer, more than most, can ultimately set the tone for the day. Please do not discount the importance of personality. Its a long day to be with the wrong one.


Is there a particular style that you prefer for your wedding photography? At Ash Milne Photography we pride ourselves on providing wedding photography in Melbourne that is classic and timeless, but still has edgy and modern elements within it. Commercial wedding photography is a great phrase that has been coined to describe our style of photography. Wedding Photography that has elements of commercial and fashion photography whilst still maintaining other photo-journalistic elements.


While price should be a consideration, its well worth considering the overall value of the package and service provided. Ask: How much of my day do you stay for? Do you photograph the wedding reception? How long it will be before we receive our images? How many images can my album have?


Your big day is upon you. You’ve poured countless hours into preparing your wedding, with many personal touches and details arranged to highlight the day. How much of your special day do you want recorded? We generally find 8-10 hours allows for an amazing array of imagery. We aim to capture details and preparations as well as the celebrations to augment the storytelling. Precious, personal moments during your morning getting ready for the ceremony. Loving embraces from family and friends as you ready your departure. Let us capture it all for you to forever remember it.

Number of Photographers & Assistants.

Having at least 2 members of our team at your wedding offers a number of benefits, and is something to strongly consider. Having an assistant allows the primary photographer to focus on you and your group, to focus on capturing beautiful moments. The assistant can fix minor details, or tend to organizational details so no moments are missed. The second photographer can provide alternate views, more coverage and look for more candid opportunities amongst your family, friends and guests.

Wedding Albums & Prints

Will your Melbourne Wedding Photographer offer you a choice in whats included in your package? We can customize our packages to best suit you. This is regardless of whether you are looking for a Signature series wall mounted art piece, or your first new family heirloom in the form of a custom designed leather bound wedding album. We have a range of albums and print options available to allow you to best present your images and remember your special day.