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Luci and Ryan’s Melbourne Wedding – Video

Luci and Ryan's Melbourne Wedding - Video

Luci & Ryan Got Married from ash milne photography on Vimeo.

Kylie and Tyler – Melbourne Wedding

Kylie and Tyler - Melbourne Wedding

  The invitations said to come and celebrate Kylie and Tylers Engagement. But they had planned a celebration to exceed everyones’ expectations!   We started shooting their preparations early. Kylie had stayed at the Buckingham International to get ready, whilst most of Tyler’s preparations took place at home. When he was ready he met Kylie…

Melbourne Wedding Photography – Mare & Sash

Mare & Sash’s Macedonian wedding was an all-day celebration! Starting early at their respective house’s right through to the glorious reception at Luxor Receptions, the celebrating just didnt let up! We started as the first band was setting up and stayed well after the lights dimmed, to capture their special day! From the moment we…

Steff & George’s Wedding

This was the day for which George had been waiting. For many people, 12 years is a long time to wait, but George is a patient man. And good things come to those who wait! Steff had finally said it was time, and suddenly their big day was upon them. In order to make the…

Sharni & Tom

Both originally hailing from Melbourne, it took joining the Armed Forces, and moving to Townsville for Sharni and Tom to meet. It took a yellow rose for Tom to woo Sharni, and from there the romance blossomed. Whilst their engagement may have been interrupted by deployments, Tom and Sharni remained focused and managed to organise…

Jaclyn and Wes

Jaclyn and Wes were married on a glorious afternoon in Yarck, a few hours drive north of Melbourne. A delightfully intimate wedding ceremony, featuring plenty of creative and entertaining details paved the way for an evening punctuated by amazing food provided by the Tea Rooms of Yarck. Yarck is a tiny country town just outside…