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Sunset 1 - Photography by Ash Milne

I was clicking through the vastness of the internet the other day and found some images that inspired me and reminded me of how lucky we are to be living bayside in Melbourne. I’ve mentioned it before, but I rarely get enough time to appreciate the area to its fullest.

Whilst out and about on Monday evening, I was babbling on to the wife about how nice the light was. A few minutes later there were some stunning colours throughout the sky, soft blues and pinks, vibrant oranges and it was all interspersed with an array of clouds. Sure enough she was staring out the window, turning left and right to get a better view as we kept driving.

Fast forward to Tuesday night, and I was thinking I should head down to the beach and see what could be found. The light wasn’t as inspirational as it was on Monday, and the threat of a storm meant the clouds left me feeling a little flatter about the outing than the day before. I went down anyways, got my feet covered in sand and found some of these.

Sunset 2 - Photography by Ash Milne

Sunset 3 - Photography by Ash Milne

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