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Project 52 – Week 7

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Same old story!! Maybe I should change the title from “Project 52” to “52 Apologies Accompanied by Photos”… So .. Sorry its been a while, I haven’t forgotten about this, or quit, and yes, I got the idea that you have been waiting for (a few weeks worth of) updates…

Unfortunately, the busier I get, the less time I have to keep pushing out images that show how busy I have been. I guess the other side of the coin means that if I’m posting too much, it could just be that I’m in a quiet patch. No sign of that happen at the moment however.

Luckily I haven’t been so busy that I went without taking photos, although there has been a week or 2 where I’ve been cutting the deadline fine.

Enough excuses .. here are some photographs that will bring you up to date with Lucas’ growth.

Week 7: Innocence
Natural light.

Innocence - Week 7 of Project 52 - Photography by Ash Milne

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