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Project 52

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The idea has been bouncing around in my head for a little while now, and I think I have finally been pushed convinced to attempt a “Project 52” – commit to a photo a week for the next year. The tougher option is the ‘365’ – one for every day of the year, but I think that will be too much of a stretch with my current going-ons. Of course I could just pull out my phone and snap away (and some images may just be that), but the aim will be to get something solid, to perhaps push my limits, try something new, get creative, process differently, make the mundane imaginative, capture an interesting angle, to create an image that at a minimum, lives up to something resembling my undefined standards.

Of course I have a brand new subject who has just arrived, and will be far less oppositional to having his photo taken every week than just about anyone else I can get such easy access to. A massive plus to all this is that at the end of the project, I should have a wonderful gallery of images that can really capture the first year of Lucas’ life. The moments, the emotions, the changes, the wins and losses. The side benefit for all of you is that I’ll now be forced (and held accountable!) to post here far more regularly, ie weekly, as I first intended.

In order to catch up, I’d best present the first few weeks of the project.

Week 1: Pride
Lucas’ Great-Grandmother doesn’t get the motivation to get out of her house to go visiting too often. Natural light.

Proud Nanna - Week 1 of Project 52 - Photography by Ash Milne

Week 2: Blue Steel
I want to play around some more with this lighting, but here is Lucas Zoolander, with showing off his latest look, Blue Steel. Quadras.

Blue Steel - Week 2 of Project 52 - Photography by Ash Milne

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