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Not this sort of gone, Today we depart for I’m sure what will feel like a whirlwind visit of Japan!

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to visit the land of the Rising Sun, but for some reason it never happened into my head when thinking about holidays.

We had been talking about taking a break for about 6 months, umming and arring about this country and that. Do we go here? What about there? Nothing really seemed to click, even when we were talking about other places that have intrigued me since the days of youth. Suddenly “Japan” popped into our heads and the flights were booked within 15 minutes.

We will be visiting Tokyo, Hiroshima, Kyoto and back to Tokyo over 13 days. Hopefully I havent filled the itinery so much that we are left exhausted, but I have tried to fill it with a lot so we make the most of our time there. The phones are staying at home, but if we get the chance I might post a few teaser images while we are there. The weather forcast is for cold, so that will be a change from the comfort that we are experiencing in Melbourne at the moment. Hopefully its only cold, not so wet or unbearable that we cant get out to make the most of our experience. We have planned the trip to try and get a good mix of the new, high-tech, metropolis side of japan, along with the older culture that Japan has grown from. Either way, my main wish is for plenty of opportunity to take some shots.

About the only thing we haven’t been able to plan for is for trips into the countryside, to experience some of the simpler or country life in a country that is really known for its cities. If we can’t manage to do it this time, it will make a great excuse to go back again soon!



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