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2011 Northern Combine 3 Day Tour – Stage 1

A mention before heading out to stages 2 and 3 Images from Stage 1 can be found here

Autumn Afternoons

Mother Nature threw a stunning reminder of what summer is all about today, just a week into Autumn. After riding home from work in sunshine that was still spreading its warmth, I gathered up my boys, (one by two legged, one by four legged), my wife (also two legged!) and headed on down to the…

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone! With a busy 2010 drawing to a close, this is also a perfect time to extend our thanks everyone for their support throughout the year. Its been a good one, and we are anxiously looking forward to next year, and don’t see it getting any less hectic. Please make sure you all…


Im a little late, but Spring has definitely arrived and oddly, its bought back memories from Autumn!

Ana and Andrew

I had the pleasure of photographing Ana and Andrews wedding. It was held on a sunny autumn Saturday, with both the ceremony and the reception at Southern Golf Course.

People in Japan

Much shorter post this time! I’ve uploaded a small gallery of some candid shots of a people from our recent trip to Japan. This, along with other galleries from my recent trip wont be accessible from the main gallery page, so you can click on the photo, or here, to get to the gallery mainpage….

Home Again

Wow, what an amazing trip. The time we had in Japan was awesome, the people were polite & helpful, the country is so clean and immaculately organised, the food and eating is delightful, the scenery breath taking – temples and shrines, skylines, buildings and streetscenes, Disney, Harajuku girls. Oh, and the shopping seems endless.


Not this sort of gone, Today we depart for I’m sure what will feel like a whirlwind visit of Japan! For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to visit the land of the Rising Sun, but for some reason it never happened into my head when thinking about holidays.


Chris from Dynasty Fine Wines gave me a call, wondering if I could come down to the shop, and organise a few images that they could put in a upcoming magazine advertorial. They needed the images by tomorrow afternoon. Sure! I grabbed the gear and head out early in the morning.