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People in Japan

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Much shorter post this time!

People photography in Japan

I’ve uploaded a small gallery of some candid shots of a people from our recent trip to Japan. This, along with other galleries from my recent trip wont be accessible from the main gallery page, so you can click on the photo, or here, to get to the gallery mainpage. All of the galleries from this trip will be available to view from this main gallery page. As I sort through more photos and upload more galleries they will appear on the above main page.



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Di McConchieApril 14, 2010 at 9:00 pmReply

I LOVE the pics of Japan. Especially the one of the old man sitting against the brick wall. They are great photo’s Ash. I also love the ones of the buildings, I’ll obviously be needing your expertise for my assignments! Can’t wait to see more and some of Shelley Belly too!