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Baby Shae

Baby Shae

  This image is part of a great series – a photo session with baby Shae. This is a sneak preview to a coming post with more images from that session.   Some babies pick the oddest places to fall asleep!

Cooper Part II

Cooper Part II

  As part of Cooper’s newborn photography, we had organised to catch up again when he was about a week to 2 old. Newborn babies change rapidly, so get a real ‘newborn’ feel to baby photography, its best to do so within in first two weeks before Baby develops past this stage. Of course this…

[Personal Project] – Samuel – Newborn

[Personal Project] - Samuel - Newborn

Thump thump thump thump thump. Heavy footsteps down the hall. Yaaaawwwwn. “Good morning Lucas” “Come and play trains, Dad” It was starting out like any other morning. Keep it normal. Keep it normal. Breakfast. Toast. “Jam and peanut butter please Dad”. “Come on Dad. Lets build tracks” “Sure.” Keep it normal. Keep it normal. “Come…

Alexander & Amelia’s Christening

Alexander and Amelia are gorgeous twins whose Christening I had the pleasure to photograph. I arrived at their home to meet their parents Dianna and Nick in various stages of preparation for Alexander & Amelias Christening. It was great to see the whole family around to help and support them with the big event. I…

Emma – Christening

Emma’s Christening We got Emma’s early in order to catch her getting ready for her big day. Mum was being tended to by the hairdresser and makeup artist, Dad was busy getting handsome, so we got to play with, and of course photograph Emma before she got dressed up. Of course, it didn’t take long…

Project 52 – Week 6

With a bit of spare time this week, I had the chance to get some lights out again, and Lucas was in a great mood, happily playing on his back, and seemingly loving his “Tummy-Time” Week 6: Stare-Bear Quadra in deep octa to camera right, quadra in reflector on background.


A few weeks ago prior to heading to Newcastle, I had the pleasure of meeting Nicholas and was immediately drawn in by his deep eyes. When we got up to Newcastle, we got to spend some more time with him and his proud and loving parents Hayley and Christian.

Project 52 – Weeks 4-5 plus.. More Evolution

Wow. Time just doesnt seem to be there anymore. Now that I’ve gone back to work, every moment im not at work seems to evaporate as I come home and try to relieve the workload my wife has with our son. Its meaning that I dont get so much time to get photos ready to…

Ava – Christening

Jim and Lauren introduced me to their gorgeous daughter Ava and instantly she turned on her charm. Giggling babbling endlessly in a language only babies can, she sprung her smile on us and blinked her eyes and we were sold!

Lucas – Newborn

11.1.11 is a day and a date I will remember for the rest of my life. My wife gave birth to our first child – Lucas James. He was a few days early, but it was funny. About 6 months earlier we had joked with the obstetrician about being induced on the 11th just to…