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Project 52 – Weeks 4-5 plus.. More Evolution

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Time just doesnt seem to be there anymore. Now that I’ve gone back to work, every moment im not at work seems to evaporate as I come home and try to relieve the workload my wife has with our son. Its meaning that I dont get so much time to get photos ready to post, or to write blog posts. It’s almost an effort to make enough time to grab the camera out to sneak a few shots some days. A lot of that depends on Lucas’ mood. Don’t fear though, I’m still committed to grabbing images every week. Its become apparent however that they will often appear up here in bursts.

Week 4: The Window
Lucas has grown enough to fit into his Baby Bjorn bouncer, and loves to stare out the windows at the light that streams through them. At first he wouldn’t keep himself entertained for too long, but he is slowly getting more used to it. Natural light.

The Window - Week 4 of Project 52 - Photography by Ash Milne

Week 5: The Gun Show
Natural light.

The Gun Show - Week 5 of Project 52 - Photography by Ash Milne

You might also have noticed some changes slowly happen to our website. We now have a Facebook page, which will be used in conjunction with this one as a way of sharing news, events and images.

I have also created a new gallery link, at this stage titled “Client Access“. From now on, pretty much everything we shoot will go in here. Gallery sizes become unrestricted, and can be added to and modified far more easily than the old flash based galleries. At the moment only a few of the older galleries have been moved across but eventually all of them should end up at the client site.

More changes will be made, primarily to the back-end however, and this will take time and I’ve already explained how much of that I have at the moment.


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