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Another busy week.

My mate Phil was was participating in his second triathlon, and had been putting in a lot of work with his training. We had installed some new clip-on aerobars, he had a new position and was ready to try it all out. I decided to head down for my first triathlon – purely in a support/spectator role.

People often ask me about whether I would ever do a triathlon, but since I can’t swim and I can’t run, I figure I’ll stick to riding my bike. This particular tri was part of the Start to Finish series, and Phil would be doing a ‘sprint’ distance – 250m swim, 10km ride and 2km run. The triathlon was really well organised and there were plenty of competitors across a really wide range of categories. It was almost inspiring enough to sign up for one – if only I could figure out how to avoid running 2kms.

As part of this busy week, I have also changed nearly all of the headers on the site, incorporating a new logo. There are a quite a few now that will change somewhat randomly. Let me know what you think!



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