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Baby Shae

Baby Shae

  This image is part of a great series – a photo session with baby Shae. This is a sneak preview to a coming post with more images from that session.   Some babies pick the oddest places to fall asleep!

Cooper Part II

Cooper Part II

  As part of Cooper’s newborn photography, we had organised to catch up again when he was about a week to 2 old. Newborn babies change rapidly, so get a real ‘newborn’ feel to baby photography, its best to do so within in first two weeks before Baby develops past this stage. Of course this…

Allison & Jordan Engagement Photography Session

Allison & Jordan Engagement Photography Session

    Both hailing from Newcastle, Allison and Jordan had come to Melbourne to celebrate Easter with family. Whilst they were down south, we took the opportunity to have an engagement photography session. Time was limited – due to various commitments, we had a grand total of one afternoon to choose from. We would risk…

[Personal Project] – Samuel – Newborn

[Personal Project] - Samuel - Newborn

Thump thump thump thump thump. Heavy footsteps down the hall. Yaaaawwwwn. “Good morning Lucas” “Come and play trains, Dad” It was starting out like any other morning. Keep it normal. Keep it normal. Breakfast. Toast. “Jam and peanut butter please Dad”. “Come on Dad. Lets build tracks” “Sure.” Keep it normal. Keep it normal. “Come…

Kylie and Tyler – Melbourne Wedding

Kylie and Tyler - Melbourne Wedding

  The invitations said to come and celebrate Kylie and Tylers Engagement. But they had planned a celebration to exceed everyones’ expectations!   We started shooting their preparations early. Kylie had stayed at the Buckingham International to get ready, whilst most of Tyler’s preparations took place at home. When he was ready he met Kylie…

Steff & George’s Wedding

This was the day for which George had been waiting. For many people, 12 years is a long time to wait, but George is a patient man. And good things come to those who wait! Steff had finally said it was time, and suddenly their big day was upon them. In order to make the…

Alexander & Amelia’s Christening

Alexander and Amelia are gorgeous twins whose Christening I had the pleasure to photograph. I arrived at their home to meet their parents Dianna and Nick in various stages of preparation for Alexander & Amelias Christening. It was great to see the whole family around to help and support them with the big event. I…

Jim Fawcett Memorial

Its the start of July, the middle of the road bike racing season and there is some important racing on. While a large part of the world looks to France, members of the Northern Combine were busy competing in a tough 99km handicap – the Jim Fawcett Memorial. Matt Keenan has written a great post…


Chris from Dynasty Fine Wines gave me a call, wondering if I could come down to the shop, and organise a few images that they could put in a upcoming magazine advertorial. They needed the images by tomorrow afternoon. Sure! I grabbed the gear and head out early in the morning.