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Welcome Back!

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It’s been a while, but I have finally got this blog setup and integrated with photo galleries. Hopefully the interface I have setup should keep updates – both written and photographic, coming though regularly. The less time I spend messing around on the internet will mean I’ll have more opportunities to be out with the camera. With the ease of the new integration, I’ll be more likely to post updates.

The new setup involves a heavily customised WordPress theme, along with modified plugins for Lightroom. I’ve spent a fair bit of time checking, and re-checking the setup, on a range of browsers, but please let me know if you come across anything funky. The site is best viewed on Google’s Chrome, or Mozilla’s Firefox browsers, and for now you will need to have flash installed to see the galleries.

Speaking of galleries, I have currently installed a few galleries, and should have new updates about every week. I’ll also be uploading re-vamped older galleries as well, so check back regularly.

There is still some other updates to come – I’ll look to add an RSS feeder, and am looking forward to an updated logo and headers.



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