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Count Down!

The Mum-to-be, glowing with Love and Caring. Whilst Shelley is not due for a few months yet, we took the advantage of a quick visit to Sydney, time on our hands and some great light, to get a few shots of the growing bundle of joy, encased by belly! Hopefully we get the chance to…


Its funny. We live reasonably close to the beach. Not so close that we can hear the waves breaking on the shore, or that we stand outside and get our clothes covered in salt, but close enough that I really SHOULD be down there nearly every afternoon in summer, soaking up some of the fine…

Jim Fawcett Memorial

Its the start of July, the middle of the road bike racing season and there is some important racing on. While a large part of the world looks to France, members of the Northern Combine were busy competing in a tough 99km handicap – the Jim Fawcett Memorial. Matt Keenan has written a great post…


Introducing Emma! Newborn daughter to proud parents and friends of ours, Bobby and Eve.

2010 NC 3 Day Tour PT2

Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to head back out to Lancefield for the 4th and final stage of the Northern Combine’s 3 Day Tour. I have however, gone through what I did capture from the sign on, and all the action of the 3rd stage. There is now 4 seperate galleries from the race…

Ana and Andrew

I had the pleasure of photographing Ana and Andrews wedding. It was held on a sunny autumn Saturday, with both the ceremony and the reception at Southern Golf Course.

People in Japan

Much shorter post this time! I’ve uploaded a small gallery of some candid shots of a people from our recent trip to Japan. This, along with other galleries from my recent trip wont be accessible from the main gallery page, so you can click on the photo, or here, to get to the gallery mainpage….

Home Again

Wow, what an amazing trip. The time we had in Japan was awesome, the people were polite & helpful, the country is so clean and immaculately organised, the food and eating is delightful, the scenery breath taking – temples and shrines, skylines, buildings and streetscenes, Disney, Harajuku girls. Oh, and the shopping seems endless.