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Not this sort of gone, Today we depart for I’m sure what will feel like a whirlwind visit of Japan! For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to visit the land of the Rising Sun, but for some reason it never happened into my head when thinking about holidays.


Chris from Dynasty Fine Wines gave me a call, wondering if I could come down to the shop, and organise a few images that they could put in a upcoming magazine advertorial. They needed the images by tomorrow afternoon. Sure! I grabbed the gear and head out early in the morning.


I’ve uploaded a few older galleries, under People and Celebrations. This was part of a session with Alec just before his Christening. He is full of so much energy and loves being in front of the camera! Congratulations to proud parents Mina & John Paul and new God-parents, Cristina and Matty.

Start to Finish

Another busy week. My mate Phil was was participating in his second triathlon, and had been putting in a lot of work with his training. We had installed some new clip-on aerobars, he had a new position and was ready to try it all out. I decided to head down for my first triathlon –…

The Dandenongs

Mt Dandenong is a regular hunting ground for a lot of cyclists in Melbourne. Con and I went for a mid-week cruise up to through there since we both had the day off. We ended up getting away later than we had planned, and with our cruisy pace, it felt as though we caught the…

Welcome Back!

It’s been a while, but I have finally got this blog setup and integrated with photo galleries. Hopefully the interface I have setup should keep updates – both written and photographic, coming though regularly. The less time I spend messing around on the internet will mean I’ll have more opportunities to be out with the…