Ash Milne Photography - Melbourne Wedding


Project 52 – Week 13 -> Week 16

Week 13: Fight Club I love his expression in this shot! The other thought I had regarding this image was “Nothing soft comes out of the bronx” ala Everlast, but decided to stick with Fight Club Week 14: Hullo Mr Rabbit The softness and select focus on this really draws me in. Week 15: Easter…

Project 52 – Weeks 10 -> Week 12

Week 10: Bath Time Natural light. Lucas really loves his baths! A gasp of pleasure as he is lowered into the warmth, followed by much spashing, smiling, kicking, dancing in the water. Sometimes he also gets a wash. When he finally lets us know that the water is getting a little cold and its time…

Project 52 – Week 9

Week 9: Mr Happy Natural light. Lucas is just beginning to recognise that he has a smile, and shows it off a little more regularly than just his “I have wind.. hehe..” smile. Not quite “smile on demand” but not too far off. It helps being in the bouncer that he loves whilst being able…

Project 52 – Week 8

Week 8: Maillot Jaune Natural light. July may seem like a while away, but its never too early to start contemplating the battle for le Tour’s yellow jersey.

Project 52 – Week 7

Same old story!! Maybe I should change the title from “Project 52” to “52 Apologies Accompanied by Photos”… So .. Sorry its been a while, I haven’t forgotten about this, or quit, and yes, I got the idea that you have been waiting for (a few weeks worth of) updates… Unfortunately, the busier I get,…

Autumn Afternoons

Mother Nature threw a stunning reminder of what summer is all about today, just a week into Autumn. After riding home from work in sunshine that was still spreading its warmth, I gathered up my boys, (one by two legged, one by four legged), my wife (also two legged!) and headed on down to the…

Project 52 – Week 6

With a bit of spare time this week, I had the chance to get some lights out again, and Lucas was in a great mood, happily playing on his back, and seemingly loving his “Tummy-Time” Week 6: Stare-Bear Quadra in deep octa to camera right, quadra in reflector on background.


Nicholas - Childrens Photography by Ash Milne

A few weeks ago prior to heading to Newcastle, I had the pleasure of meeting Nicholas and was immediately drawn in by his deep eyes. When we got up to Newcastle, we got to spend some more time with him and his proud and loving parents Hayley and Christian.

Project 52 – Weeks 4-5 plus.. More Evolution

Wow. Time just doesnt seem to be there anymore. Now that I’ve gone back to work, every moment im not at work seems to evaporate as I come home and try to relieve the workload my wife has with our son. Its meaning that I dont get so much time to get photos ready to…

Project 52 – Week 3

In case you hadn’t noticed, it seems I’ve been on quite a “Black & White” bender over the last month or two. Of course not every image converts well, but it really seems to take it to another level with images that do convert well. As if stripping the photo of colour is allowing the…