Ash Milne Photography - Melbourne Wedding


Project 52

The idea has been bouncing around in my head for a little while now, and I think I have finally been pushed convinced to attempt a “Project 52” – commit to a photo a week for the next year. The tougher option is the ‘365’ – one for every day of the year, but I…

Ava – Christening

Jim and Lauren introduced me to their gorgeous daughter Ava and instantly she turned on her charm. Giggling babbling endlessly in a language only babies can, she sprung her smile on us and blinked her eyes and we were sold!

Ava - Orthodox Christening Photography by Ash Milne

Lucas – Newborn

11.1.11 is a day and a date I will remember for the rest of my life. My wife gave birth to our first child – Lucas James. He was a few days early, but it was funny. About 6 months earlier we had joked with the obstetrician about being induced on the 11th just to…

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone! With a busy 2010 drawing to a close, this is also a perfect time to extend our thanks everyone for their support throughout the year. Its been a good one, and we are anxiously looking forward to next year, and don’t see it getting any less hectic. Please make sure you all…


I was clicking through the vastness of the internet the other day and found some images that inspired me and reminded me of how lucky we are to be living bayside in Melbourne. I’ve mentioned it before, but I rarely get enough time to appreciate the area to its fullest. Whilst out and about on…


Sakura cherry blossums - photography by Ash Milne

Im a little late, but Spring has definitely arrived and oddly, its bought back memories from Autumn!

Gaymarie and Matty

Gaymarie & Matty - Photography by Ash Milne

Our friends Gaymarie and Matty were getting married, and we were invited to the joyous occasion. We were attending as guests but of course I couldn’t help myself and took along the camera anyway. I made sure I stayed out of the way of their photographer, but wanted to make sure I got some a few shots of their special day.

UCI World Road Race Championships

So the UCI World Road Race Cycling Championships has been and gone. This was the first time the race for the coverted rainbow jersey has been outside the northern hemisphere and Melbourne and Geelong were proud to play host to this prestigious race. We got back to Melbourne late Thursday night, had a few days to recover and sort out some domestic chores, with just enough time to make it to the Men’s race – the final event of the championships.

UCI World Championships - Cycling Photography by Ash Milne

Count Down!

The Mum-to-be, glowing with Love and Caring. Whilst Shelley is not due for a few months yet, we took the advantage of a quick visit to Sydney, time on our hands and some great light, to get a few shots of the growing bundle of joy, encased by belly! Hopefully we get the chance to…


The Beach!

Its funny.

We live reasonably close to the beach. Not so close that we can hear the waves breaking on the shore, or that we stand outside and get our clothes covered in salt, but close enough that I really SHOULD be down there nearly every afternoon in summer, soaking up some of the fine things this great country has to offer.

Inevitably, I’m not.